Holly Ann Welt Santoro

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It is impossible to encapsulate the beauty and joy of a life so well-lived. Holly moved through the world with an innate curiosity and open mind, making meaningful friendships through her journey. Her heart-warming smile left people buoyant and optimistic, and her resiliency, dignity and grace continuously gave strength to others.

Holly's legacy as a mother, grandmother and dear friend will always be alive in the hearts and souls of those she loved and who loved her so dearly in return.

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To ensure your generosity and support are acknowledged - and to help protect you from future solicitations - Holly’s family has requested that memorial contributions be made through IN MEMORY OF to the following


Lin's Linens

Founded by interior designer, Liz Balogh when her sister, Lin, was diagnosed with cancer, the mission of Lin’s Linens is to nurture and support women in treatment for cancer by creating a personal healing sanctuary that promotes a positive mind, body, and spirit connection crucial to the healing process. Lin’s Linens, Inc. works with families to identify a space within their home to be used as a healing sanctuary. With the donated services of an Interior Designer and their team, the organization creates that place at no cost to the participant where the body can go and the mind and spirit can follow for renewal.

Lin's Linens

Cancer Support Community

Cancer Support Community

In 1982, Harold and Harriet Benjamin transformed the way our culture faces cancer. Harriet, a cancer survivor herself, sought to create an organization that would provide social and emotional support to not only cancer patients, but also to families, friends, and caregivers. The Benjamins strongly encouraged psychosocial care because they believed in a strong correlation between emotional and physical well-being. Thus, the first walk-in community facility of its kind, The Wellness Community (TWC), was founded in Santa Monica, CA as an outlet for those suffering cancer to receive appropriate support. One of the biggest advocates of TWC was late comedian and “SNL” cast member Gilda Radner - who went on to found her own nonprofit organization Gilda’s Club. In 2009, The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club Worldwide merged, becoming a united organization under the name Cancer Support Community. The Cancer Support Community is now one of the largest providers of cancer support worldwide, and continues to focus on the emotional, psychological, and financial impacts that this disease has on patients and families.


Mary's Place by the Sea

Mary's Place by the Sea

Mary’s Place by the Sea is a respite home for women who are receiving treatment for cancer.  The organization provides services that complement a patient’s medical treatment, including oncology massage, nutrition education, individual counseling, Reiki, guided meditation, expressive writing, and yoga.  Mary’s Place by the Sea is not a medical facility with medical staff.  It offers integrative services to women with cancer and provides rest and support during this challenging time in their lives. They are empowered with knowledge that will aid them on their road to healing.

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In Memory Of ensures that the family knows of your support.  All donor names will be sent to the family in a single letter, allowing your generosity to be known and acknowledged.  As it is the thought that counts, the amount of your donation will not be disclosed.


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By using In Memory Of, you are assured that your information will be kept confidential. We will not forward your name or contact information to the organization that received your donation, thereby preventing any future solicitation.


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To provide our services, cover credit card processing fees and grow our social organization, we receive six percent of the total contributions and add one dollar to the overall donation that will be charged to your card.



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