personalized memorial donations

With your permission, your funeral director will provide us with everything we need to create a thoughtful, personal Memorial Donation page. Within twenty-four hours, we will send you a confirmation email letting you know that the site is active.

 If there are any changes you wish to make - additional photos, personal anecdotes - simply contact us with your requests and we will make those modifications as quickly as possible.





share with Family And Friends

We provide you with a link to your Memorial Donation page in your initial confirmation email that can easily be shared with family, friends and colleagues via email or social media.  

When you forward or post this link, friends and family can seamlessly connect to the dedication page to make a memorial donation and show their support.


Be Assured You Are Informed

Of Those Who Donated

All too frequently a family is unaware of others' generosity in making memorial donations, leading to an awkwardness for both the family ~ was everyone appropriately thanked? - and the donor - was my donation received? 

 In Memory Of addresses that concern by informing you of everyone who has shown their love and support through the Memorial Donation site.  You will know that friends and family are thinking of you, and with continued updates from us, it will be easy to acknowledge their generosity.  Donor names will not be shared with the charity to prevent future solicitations.







A LASTING dedication

The main distribution to your charity occurs at sixty days - we will combine the collected donations and forward them to your organization, notifying you of the total amount that will positively impact the cause you have chosen.

Your Memorial Donation page will be active for six months after initiation, and we will keep you informed of those who make contributions during this time.