Evelyn Seif Speedie


Evelyn was the writer and editor of her life's journey, and always wanted to be in the driver's seat. The paths she chose - some planned, others serendipitous - brought her deep and fulfilling friendships with diverse and myriad souls whom she encountered on life's open roads.

While it was inevitable that her natural curiosity would lead to her professional career of journalism, it was her authentic interest in an individual, her ability to listen and her genuine respect for people’s thoughts that endeared her to those she encountered.  People did not just like Evelyn - they loved her:  for her empathy, her enthusiasm, her humor, her compassion, but mostly because she was simply the kindest person they had ever met.

Evelyn was the foundation of her family and her love knew no bounds. She never ceased her endless pursuit of trying to help those in her heart to improve their own lives. She was original and unique and taken too soon. She will be eternally missed, yet her emotional insight, attentiveness to those she loved, and true enjoyment of this world will live on in all of those blessed to have known her.

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As a reporter for the Item of Millburn-Short Hills, but a born editor who was a diligent and thoughtful steward of others' words, Evelyn was dedicated to her craft of journalism and its integrity.  A memorial contribution to the Institute for Journalism in New Media would a living tribute to her memory and legacy.



The goal of the Institute for Journalism in New Media is to contribute to the resilience of real, high-quality, independent journalism in the digital age, a critical endeavor for the civic health of the Greater Philadelphia community. They hope the vision and forward-thinking nature of this endeavor will inspire other philanthropists to think about how they may work together to strengthen the community.  As a community foundation devoted to the well-being of the region and to supporting civic engagement, they are proud to be part of such an important legacy.

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national stroke association

It is the mission of the National Stroke Association to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke.  Their programs and material are provided to the stroke community for free.


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