Cheryl Marier

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When the aroma of a home-cooked meal emanates from the kitchen and the laughter of family and friends fills the air, the memories that Cheryl created in the heart of her home will be shared among all those who were blessed by her love and devotion.



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Montville Animal Shelter 

The Montville Animal Shelter is dedicated to helping animals - and people - connect with one another in companionship and finding a new forever home.

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Market Street Mission

Mrs. Louisa Graves Owen, the wife of Rev. Dr. F.W. Owen, had been holding women’s Bible study classes in her home. When she realized that almost all of the husbands of the wives in her classes were alcoholics, she and her husband rented the building at 9 Market Street to set up a residential program for alcoholic men. At that time, Market Street was known as Rum Alley or Rum Lane because of all of the bars and saloons on the street. The Market Street Mission opened its doors on March 18, 1889. From the beginning, the Market Street Mission provided meals, lodging, clothing and temporary employment for homeless men. To this day, the Mission continues to minister to the physical needs - shelter, food, clothing and other necessities - and the emotional and spiritual needs - guidance and life-change programs - of those in the Northern NJ community.

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