Bryan Walker


With his faith as his foundation, Bryan lived a life of humble service - to history, his community, his church and his family.

He will be dearly missed and his smile will be forever etched in the hearts and minds of all those to whom he gave his generous love and affection.

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To ensure your generosity and support are acknowledged, Bryan’s family has requested that memorial contributions be made through IN MEMORY OF to the


Chesterfield Historical Society OF VIRGINIA

Chartered in 1981 with original office space in the 1892 Old Jail, the CHSV is dedicated to collecting, preserving, interpreting and promoting the county's unique history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations. In addition to its operations at Trinity Church, the Museum, the 1892 Old Jail and Magnolia Grange, the Society also helps maintain the preservation of eight Civil War battlefields, an integral part of the 1864-65 Bermuda Hundred Campaign.  The Society offers more than 60 events and programs each year - attracting approximately 10,000 patrons - and include an annual winter lecture series, genealogy workshops, tours of Civil War sites, paranormal investigations, elegant themed teas and summer camps for kids.

Bryan was passionate about Richmond history and dedicated countless volunteer hours helping to both preserve and promote it for current and future generations. A memorial contribution to the CHSV would be both a living tribute to his memory and continue the work about which he cared so deeply.

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Falling Creek Ironworks Foundation

Constructed in 1619 and funded by the Virginia Company of London who wished to expand trade and further mine the iron ore from the colony, the Falling Creek Ironworks was the first iron blast furnace built in the English New World. It was also the site of Archibald Cary of Ampthill’s Chesterfield Forge, starting in 1750 and ending in 1781, when it was burned by Benedict Arnold. Cary was a major backer of the American Revolution and ran the forge for the war effort. Falling Creek Ironworks is a Chesterfield County Historic Landmark, a Virginia Historic Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. The site serves as an important symbol and an educational tool for telling the history of the birth of the industrial revolution.


Bryan was one of the founders of the Falling Creek Ironworks Foundation when it was established in 1991. The purpose of the foundation echos Bryan’s passion toward the preservation of history as its mission is to preserve, investigate, enhance and interpret the first American Ironworks, the site of the beginning of the iron and steel industry in the New World.

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